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redfish bento v2
teriyaki salmon belly, grilled  leeman octopus, battered shark bay tiger prawn, pickles, steamed rice, dipping sauce
25 gf

thai green curry
grilled rottnest swordfish, thai green curry sauce, bok choy, mushrooms, steamed rice
24 gf

rottnest scallops
grilled in the shell with meridith valley goats cheese & black pepper
22 gf  (4/serve)

fremantle sardines
panko & parmesan crumbed, panfried, aoili

japanese lka yaki
A delicious take on a famous Japanese street food classic Takoyaki, house made Bass Strait squid balls, crispy fried in our super thin batter, topped with Chris’s secret sauce and dried bonito flakes….mmmmm delicious.
9/stick  (4 per stick)