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About Us

Our desire in opening Redfish was to supply our customers with quality fresh local fish, a better product, that is better in taste, better for you and better for the environment.

I have been a Head Chef in and around Perth for nearly 40 years, cooking in some of our best restaurants, pub chains, hotels and cafes. In 2014 I decided to make a change, to do something I was passionate about, providing good food at reasonable prices while trying to maintain a local product. The seafood scene in Perth is dominated by cheap imported product or over priced local seafood that a lot of chefs do not know from where it comes.

I go to the markets three times a week, and only purchase the best whole fish I can, it is then taken to the shop and filleted fresh. We are mindful to only buy fish from fishermen we trust, are responsible and sustainably sourced. All the fish comes in from professional fishing boats around the state and auctioned off to the highest bidder.

In WA our fishing industry is heavily regulated, fish stocks are monitored and quotas are set based on future stock levels, therefore making our industry sustainable. As the general public become more aware of the environmental consequences of our love of seafood, we as end producers, believe it is our responsibility to ensure we source seafood that contributes to a sustainable future.

At Redfish we developed a menu that is not only delicious but also sourced from sustainable fisheries, our menu and specials will change and develop as circumstances and supplies change, responding to both customer demands and environmental conditions.

We have many other issues to tackle and this will be an ongoing prospect, food miles, recycling, bio-degradation and energy to name but a few. Be assured that as we grow and progress we will respond and look to different ways, without compromising our end product, to these issues. 

We are doing all of this so you can just relax and enjoy our delicious and exciting seafood with a clear conscience.

Specials & Catch of the Day

it’s pie time…..

thai pie
roast albany blue groper & shark bay tiger prawns, thai red curry sauce, in a crispy puff pastry pie, home grown rocket & chips

fish wings
crispy battered fresh wings, salt & pepper spiced, thai salad, korean bbq sauce

flathead wrap
panko crumbed albany flathead, coleslaw, chipotle mayo, garlic buttered wrap, crunchy chips

chilli mussels
big, juicy & plump mussels from kinkawooka, tomato chilli sugo
23 gf    


it’s WA Day everyday at Redfish….fresh & local

king george whiting

they’re back and these are biggies, “KG’s” are starting to come to the market in larger numbers, a crowd favourite, great battered, panko crumbed or grilled with garlic butter and a squeeze of lemon. Seine net caught by Bill Miller, Albany

rock flathead

rockies, as they are affectionately known, are a round fish with a diet of small fish, mollusc and crustacean. Low oil content with a pleasant, sweet flavour. Fine textured flesh which can dry out slightly with some cooking methods but remains moist and flaky when cooked in batter. These were caught by G. M. Sharp near Albany

baldchin groper

line caught abrolhos baldchin groper, caught by Greg McDonald, these fish are tasty, medium firm and have a translucent white colour to them. A very nice firm, sweet fish, great battered or grilled


get your Omega 3 fill, fresh, firm and plump, busselton, from Mendolia seafoods
17   (5/serve)


lovely fresh Bunbury gummy shark, from the boys at southwestern fishing & Jason Scimone


saltwater barramundi

Fresh in, very nice wild caught barramundi from big blue fishing, near broome


Grilled Fish Tacos

The healthy gluten free alternative Soft white corn tortilla (gluten free) with roast corn salsa, tangy coleslaw, chipotle mayo


Made fresh to order add your choice of grilled fish or prawns to make a healthy choice meal

Prices subject to change without notice. Please advise of any dietary requirements or allergies.

Redfish Fish, Chips & Grill is pleased to offer a variety of gluten free options on our menu.

We are not a gluten-free restaurant and cannot ensure that cross contamination will never occur.

We have processes in place to minimise that happening but there is a great deal of gluten in the air and on our work surfaces.

If you are a Celiac and/or highly sensitive please advise the person taking your order and know that we will do our best but cannot guarantee your order will not touch gluten somewhere in the process.


Tuesday – Thursday 4pm – 8pm
Friday – Saturday 4pm – 8.30pm
Sunday – 4pm – 8pm
Public Holidays – 4pm – 7.30pm

(08) 9330 6020

88D Moreing Road, Attadale WA 6156