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the fishmas list…….

red emperor line caught beautiful big white firm fillets, large flakes, sweeter flavour, Glen Brodie, Shark Bay 30  (average serve size 200g) king george whiting seine net caught, S. Rule, Albany, these are large thicker fish, can be grilled, battered or crumbed 29 goldband snapper line caught shark bay, Glen Brodie, Goldcove Fishing, well handled, […]

not just fish and chips……

redfish bento v2 teriyaki salmon belly, grilled  leeman octopus, battered shark bay tiger prawn, pickles, steamed rice, dipping sauce 25 gf thai green curry grilled rottnest swordfish, thai green curry sauce, bok choy, mushrooms, steamed rice 24 gf rottnest scallops grilled in the shell with meridith valley goats cheese & black pepper 22 gf  (4/serve) fremantle […]

some premium fish tonight……fresh, you bet….

Dhufish, line caught D. Flint, Albany 30 King George Whiting W.B. Miller, Albany 23 Gummy Shark Jason Scimone, Bunbuey 16 Goldband Snapper, line caught Glen Brodie, Exmouth 21   Also Available Atlantic Salmon, farmed, Houn Valley, Tasmania Shark Bay Tiger Prawns and scallops from Corriea Bros Redfish, supporting local fishers, local companies & local jobs. […]