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pearl perch

Fresh in today, line caught Shark Bay Pearl Perch. They look like juvenile Dhufish, and some fish and chip shops, and even restaurants will serve them to you as such, but not Redfish. It’s about serving the best local seafood we can access, being open, honest and accountable.
This quote from Morgan’s Seafood
Superior restaurant quality fish with white flesh, very mild fish taste, sweet salty flavour – excellent eating.
Line caught, Shark Bay, Glen Brodie, FV Just George, Goldcove Fishing



Cobbler are ‘endemic’ to Australia, meaning they’re only found here. They live in the southern half of the country, in coastal and estuarine waters up to about 30 metres deep. Cobbler has soft, delicate flesh that’s good to eat

S. Smith, Albany


gummy shark

Feasting on all sorts of things they are a bit of a forager on or near the ocean floor with Crabs of all shapes and sizes including Blue Swimmer’s, Octopus, assorted fish and even Rock Lobster making up their diet.

Jason Scimone, Bunbury


Also Available

Goldband Snapper, line caught, Greg Brodie, Shark Bay
Shark Bay Tiger Prawns from Corriea Bros and
large Shark Bay/Abrolhos Scallops from Farwest Seafoods.

Redfish, supporting local fishers, local companies & local jobs.

Our portion sizes are average 190g for fish fillets