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Have you tried our balls yet? A delicious take on a famous Japanese street food classic Takoyaki House made Bass Strait squid balls, crispy fried in our super thin batter, topped with Chris’s secret sauce and dried bonito flakes….mmmmm delicious.
Available now.

whole flounder

big & beautiful whole albany flounder, coriander & ginger butter, garden salad, crispy chips

30 gf

grilled octopus

grilled beagle bay octopus, roasted sweet potato, hommus, dukkah
23 gf

fish wings

crispy battered groper wings, chips, salt & pepper mix, korean bbq.


seafood chowder

classic french style creamy seafood soup, made from the bones of the fish we fillet,

all australian seafood, snapper, orange roughy, salmon, mussels & scallops

garlic bread