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This fish is common in estuaries and bays of Western Australia, including Swan Estuary Marine Park and Walpole and Nornalup Inlets Marine Park. Flounder is a mild-tasting fish with a slightly sweet undertone. Its texture is delicate and fine with low levels of oiliness and moisture, whole grilled only with garlic butter.

P. Green, Albany


Rock Flathead

Are excellent crumbed (or battered) and then pan-fried or deep-fried for perfect fish and chips. Firm  flaky, moist sweet flesh, best panko crumbed or crispy battered

G.M. Sharp, Albany


King George Whiting

Whitings are prized for their firm, clean, sweet-tasting white flesh and its delicate flake. The King George whiting is endemic to Australia, inhabiting the south coast of the country from Jurien Bay, Western Australia to Botany Bay, New South Wales. Todays catch is on the large size, over 1/2 kg when whole.

S. Rule, Albany


Pink Snapper

Pink snapper are one of Western Australia’s best-known and most sought-after fish, prized by commercial and recreational fishers alike, and seafood lovers for their excellent taste. In WA, pink snapper are found from the warmer waters to the north of Karratha to the cooler waters of the Great Australian Bight.

line caught, Kalbarri, G. J. Dowsett, FV Shazbut