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red rock gummy….sounds like a new candy…..

crispy battered fish & chips

Nannygai, AKA Redfish A. Rule, Albany 26 Rock Flathead mild – sweet flavour, large flaky flesh, very nice, G. M. Sharp, Albany 17 ✨✨✨✨Gummy Shark     💕💕💕💕 Jason Scimone, Bunbuey 16   Goldband Snapper, line caught Glen Brodie, Exmouth 21   Also Available Atlantic Salmon, farmed, Houn Valley, Tasmania Shark Bay Tiger Prawns and scallops […]

back to the markets tomorrow….

Pink Snapper Pink snapper are one of Western Australia’s best-known and most sought-after fish, prized by commercial and recreational fishers alike, and seafood lovers for their excellent taste. In WA, pink snapper are found from the warmer waters to the north of Karratha to the cooler waters of the Great Australian Bight. line caught, Greg […]