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bring on the weekend…….

chilli mussels steamed black mussels, chilli tomato sauce, garlic bread 19 groper & chips oven baked blue groper, coriander nut butter, thai salad, crispy chips (contains no peanut, coriander butter = coriander, ginger, lemongrass, lemon peel, almond meal, butter) 21 gf fish wings crispy battered fish wings, chips, salt & pepper mix, korean bbq. 17 […]

from our southern oceans…..

orange roughy Orange roughy is a deepwater fish widely distributed in southern Australian waters from New South Wales, south around Tasmania and west to southern Western Australia. These were fished from the spencer gulf in South Australia. Valued for their soft, moist white flesh and mild taste they are best battered or crumbed, but can […]