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mother’s day fish list

cobbler lovely and fresh, best battered or panko crumbed, seine net caught by M.R. & R. J. Williams near Denmark 16 sardines get your Omega 3 fill, fresh, firm and plump, fremantle, from Mendolia seafoods 17   (5/serve) GUMMY Shark lovely fresh Bunbury gummy shark, from the boys at southwestern fishing & Jason Scimone 17 dhufish […]

merry fishmas…….

red emperor line caught beautiful big white firm fillets, large flakes, sweeter flavour, Glen Brodie, Shark Bay 30  (average serve size 200g) king george whiting seine net caught, S. Rule, Albany, these are large thicker fish, can be grilled, battered or crumbed 29 sardines beautiful, fresh, firm and plump, fremantle sardine, fresh from Mendolia the […]

fryday fish and chips, and it’s local……

dhufish line caught beautiful big white firm fillets, large flakes, sweet/savoury flavour, Darren Blom, Leeman 32  (average serve size 200g) rock flathead seine net caught, G. Sharp, Albany, butt ugly fish, but taste superb, best battered or crumbed 18 gummy shark beautiful fresh caught in the pristine waters of Abany, G. M. Sharp 17   goldband […]

don’t cook, we’ll do it for you…….

rocky wraps   panko crumbed flathead, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and red onion, chipotle mayo, toasted wrap, chips 23 cervantes crayfish grilled half cray, garlic butter, chips and salad 35 gf swordfish & big eye tuna skewer  rottnest swordfish & big eye tuna, vine ripened tomato & basil salad, crumbled feta, sumac yoghurt 24 gf

fresh and fabulous…..

king george whiting mild to savoury flavour, medium sized, small flakes, seine net caught, S. Rule, albany 25 rock flathead just filleted, moist, flakey fish best suited to batter or panko crumb, seine net caught, albany, G.M. Sharp 18 gummy shark beautiful, sweet, white delicate flesh, Stokke family, lancelin 16 Saltwater Barramundi wild caught, Darwin, […]

fryday night is fish night……

new menu item Korean style fish cake all local seafood, shark bay tiger prawn, snapper & bass strait squid, served street food style on a stick with korean bbq sauce & lime mayo……mmmmm, (these are GF, but please tell us when ordering so we can separate) 9 (gf option, just specify please)   redfish seafood […]

fryday fish, fresh & local…..

dhufish line caught in the abrolhos by Greg MacDonald, WA’s premier fish 30 cobbler lovely larger sized cobbler from albany, Steven Rule, cobbler are best crumbed, but also grilled nicely with garlic butter 16 swordfish line caught off the back of Rottnest, Oceans Wild Fishing, grilled only 19 gummy shark freshly filetted, beautiful, sweet, white […]

crispy wings, katsu and more…..

saengsun katsu    –    (katsu for simplicity) crispy battered morsels of albany skate, korean bbq sauce, steamed rice, asian pickles 19           gf on request + 2 fish wings crispy battered goldband snapper wings, thai salad, korean bbq sauce 19 fremantle sardines butterflied, then panko & parmesan crumbed in house, panfried, […]

feel like something different……

fremantle sardines butterflied, then panko & parmesan crumbed in house, panfried, aoili 17 rottnest scallops grilled in the shell with meridith valley goats cheese & black pepper 22 gf  (4/serve) thai green curry grilled rottnest swordfish, thai green curry sauce, bok choy, mushrooms, steamed rice 24 gf honey chilli prawns exmouth king prawns, stirfried with honey […]

it’s fryday, it’s fresh, it’s Redfish…..

king george whiting Whitings are prized for their firm, clean, sweet-tasting white flesh and its delicate flake. Some argue this is Australia best table fish. These are large sized fish approx 330g whole, or a touch under 250g as served 27 Gummy Shark Jason Scimone, Bunbury 16 Goldband Snapper line caught, Glen Brodie, Shark Bay […]