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back by popular demand…….

tuna tataki line caught southern bluefin tuna, sesame crusted, grilled rare ponzu, pickled carrot, steamed rice 21 gf burmese tomato fish curry swordfish, snapper wing & bass strait squid, tomato based curry, steamed rice, 19 gf skate and chips crispy battered skate, crunchy chips & house made tartare sauce 16 grilled skate wings grilled local […]

Sunday Seafood Specials

SWORDFISH LAKSA grilled line caught Rottnest swordfish, laksa sauce & accompaniments, choice of egg noodles or roast coconut rice 20   GF – with rice option CUCUR UDANG Sweet potato, prawn & green onion fritters grilled Shark Bay tiger prawn fritters, served with sweet cashew nut satay dipping sauce 12 GF (contains egg) PANKO COBBLER Albany […]

the specials

Shark Bay Scallops,  mushroom, bok choy, confit garlic, sesame 24 Battered Fremantle Sardines, aioli, roasted nori salt 16 Grilled Red Emperor wing, Korean BBQ sauce, papaya salad 19 Bao Buns, BBQ salmon, Asian slaw, kimchi, sesame dressing 16

and then….

Home made crab cakes, redfish sweet chilli sauce, pickled carrot 12 Shark Bay Scallops,  mushroom, bok choy, confit garlic, sesame 24 Boa Buns, BBQ Salmon, homemade kimchi, sesame, asian slaw 16

todays specials

Shark Bay Scallops, king mushroom, confit garlic, sesame 24 Shark Bay Tiger Prawn, Sambal, snake beans 24 Panko crumbed Geraldton Garfish, Caesar style salad 19 Sundried tomato & labneh Arancini, tomato sugo, feta (Vegetarian) 2/9 Crispy battered Fremantle Sardines, roasted nori salt, aioli 16 Bao Buns, BBQ Salmon, Asian Slaw, Kimchi, sesame dressing 16