fresh is best from the west…..

Gummy Shark very mild flavour, medium soft, with a fine texture J. Scimone, Bunbury 14 Baldchin Groper firmish white flesh, sweet and delicious hand line caught Abrolhos Islands, Greg McDonald 23 Rock Flathead mild flavour, moist and flakey, best battered or crumbed, M. R. & R. J. Williams, Albany 16

missing your overseas holidays??? try these…..

salt & pepper fish wings  crispy battered red emperor wings, chips and thai dipping sauce 19 (gf option available) satay squid  uncle Al’s secret marinade, bass strait squid, cashew satay sauce, steamed rice 18 gf  san choy bow marinated, bbq swordfish belly, steamed rice, buttercrunch 16  4/serve flathead wrap panko crumbed flathead, coleslaw, chipotle mayo,…