WTF, what is the fish?…..

Rock Flathead mild flavour, moist and flakey, best battered or crumbed, M. R. & R. J. Williams, Albany 16 Nannygai..AKA redfish delicate snow white flesh, sweet and delicious  line caught Augusta, Koombana Fishing 18 Gummy Shark very mild flavour, medium soft, with a fine texture J. Scimone, Bunbury 14

looks like summer……..

ocean trout salad old youngs six season gin &  native pepperberry cured ocean trout, potato & green onion salad, labneh, lemon myrtle dressing 19 gf crayfish salad vietnamese noodle salad, poached cervantes crayfish 28 gf flathead wrap panko crumbed flathead, coleslaw, chipotle mayo, chips 19 salt & pepper snapper wings  crispy battered goldband snapper wings,…