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teriyaki salmon

grilled houn valley salmon belly, teriyaki glaze, japanese rice noodle salad

23 gf

battered oysters

4 jumbo japanese oysters, thin & crispy gf batter, sriracha mayo, pickled veg

18 gf

japanese lka yaki

A delicious take on a famous Japanese street food classic Takoyaki, house made Bass Strait squid balls, crispy fried in our super thin batter, topped with Chris’s secret sauce and dried bonito flakes….mmmmm delicious.

9/stick  (4 per stick)

leeman octopus

grilled leeman octopus, roast autumn veg, grilled keflagraveria cheese, basil pesto

24 gf

Due to chip shortages, chip only sales have been suspended, chips will only be available as part of a meal, eg: fish & chips…..we apologise, but it’s a problem we have no control over…..Thank you for your understanding