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Gummy Shark are back baby…….., thank you Jason…


King George Whiting

Known as perhaps our greatest fish, the King George was named, back in 1829, after King George Sound in Western Australia. Soft, delicate, super-sweet with sexy grassy notes.  They forage through the sand and mud of shallow intertidal seagrasses growing in inlets and bays, feasting on such delicacies as yabbies, prawns, soldier crabs, worms, pipies and mussels. Truly a meal fit for a king.
Seine net caught by R. J. Bradley in Albany, well presented and well handled

Rock Flathead

The rock flathead has a dark mottled appearance, including a greenish to pale brown rounded body and several rows of dark spots along the rays of the yellowish tail and is butt ugly. The mild, sweet and fatty scalloping flesh is perfect for steaming. In batter or crumb, it’s ideal for deep-frying, which is, in effect, steaming the fish. As a result, it has become hugely popular for premium fish and chips everywhere.

P. Green,  Albany


Also available

Goldband Snapper line caught, Greg Brodie, Exmouth

Gummy Shark, Jason Scimone, Bunbury

Saltwater Barramundi wild caught, FV Ocean Myst, Darwin

Atlantic Salmon from Houn Valley, Tasmania

Shark Bay Tiger Prawns from Corriea Bros and
large Shark Bay/Abrolhos Scallops from Farwest Seafoods.

Redfish, supporting local fishers, local companies & local jobs.

Our portion sizes are average 190g for fish fillets

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