Pink Snapper

freshly filleted, Line caught Abrolhos

H. McTaggart


Nannygai (AKA Redfish)

freshly filleted, Line caught Albany, very limited amount of this pristine white flesh

Gavin Jackman



softer, mild flavoured fish, best nattered or crumbed

 A. Rule, Albany



crispy floured Bunbury whitebait, sourced from Leschenault Fisheries, Nicholas Soulos,

for a limited time only, a very short season.

13 / serve, gf

Goldband Snapper line caught  Shark Bay

Saltwater Barramundi wild caught from Darwin

Atlantic Salmon from Houn Valley, Tasmania

Fremantle Sardines from Mendolia Seafoods,
Shark Bay Tiger Prawns from Corriea Bros and
large Shark Bay/Abrolhos Scallops from Farwest Seafoods.

Redfish, supporting local fishers, local companies & local jobs.

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