some lovely pinkies just in from ol’ McDonald….

Pink Snapper delicate snow white flesh, sweet and delicious hand line caught Abrolhos Islands, Greg McDonald 20 Cobbler mild flavour, softer, moist fish, best battered or crumbed, D.L. Sharp & Gravestock, Albany 13 Gummy Shark very mild flavour, medium soft, with a fine texture J. Scimone, Bunbury 14 all fish portions are approx 200g, large […]

warmer weather means takeout picnics…..mmmmm

cobbler wrap  crispy battered albany cobbler, tangy coleslaw, chipotle mayo, sweet potato chips 19  freo sardines panko  & parmesan crumbed, panfried, cherry tomato relish 17  salt & pepper fish wings  crispy battered pink snapper wings, chips and korean bbq sauce 19 (gf + 2) sang choy bao Redfish style…. marinated salmon belly, cos lettuce, steamed […]