nannygai AKA Redfish, back for one night stand…..

Nannygai AKA Redfish medium soft, mild  to sweet flavour, white flesh,  between Albany & Augusta, S M Rogers 18 Cobbler mild flavour, softer, moist fish, best battered or crumbed, S.Rule, Albany 13 Swordfish very mild subtle flavour, firmish texture, grilled only line caught, Ocean Wild Fishing, Rottnest 16 Gummy Shark very mild flavour, medium soft, […]

too hot, check these out…….

cobbler wrap panko crumbed cobbler, coleslaw, chipotle mayo, & sweet potato chips 19 fremantle sardines  parmesan & panko crumbed sardines, albany asparagus, grilled keflagraveria (hard greek cheese), citrus dressing 17 burmese tomato fish curry  rottnest swordfish & bass strait squid, mild tomato based curry, jasmine rice 19 gf seafood chowder thick and creamy seafood soup with […]