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Good Friday menu

Seafood battered or grilled                    Sides

Hake                             10                                                        Crab stick                2 ea

Gummy Shark               14                                                        mini spring rolls       3 6/serve

Goldband Snapper        18                                                       Pineapple                 2ea

Shark Bay Prawns        11.50 4/serve                                      Cornjack                  3.50ea

Handcut Squid              8 8/serve                                             Chiko roll                 3.50ea

Sea Scallops                3 each                                                 Dim sims                  2ea

Chicken nuggets      6  6/serve


Salads & Sauces                                         Chips

Greek salad              9                                                                minimum           3

Garden Salad           8                                                                small                 4

Coleslaw                  6                                                                 large                 6.5

Aioli                         2.5

Tartare                     2.5

Please note crumb and gluten free batter not available tonight, we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but is necessary due to high numbers.


We are taking pre-orders now with prepayment, as with last year there are restrictions in place, mainly the 2m2 per person rule, this limits the amount of people allowed in store at any one time. To avoid congestion and overcrowding we are encouraging everyone to preorder.

As it will be a usual very busy and hectic Good Friday we ask that you please be patient as we try to process all the orders. We will try our best to have orders ready in a timely manner and will give you an estimated time to pick up your order. The phones will be very busy on the day, as will those lining up to order and therefore we will not be able to process special requests.

I am very thankful to all our wonderful customers who support us year round and do hope you understand the measures we are taking to ensure we can meet the demand on the day.


Take care, stay safe and have a fantastic Easter, Chris