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We are really proud of our local seafood, none more so than the wonderful Tiger Prawns from Shark Bay, caught by the Correia Brothers in Fremantle.

Correia Fishing Co was founded by brothers Frank, David, Tony, Joe and Mario, originally from Madeira Island, Portugal, they began arriving in Fremantle in June 1952.

Originally focusing on fishing for Western Rock Lobster, the brothers also began farming in Carnarvon and in 1963 formally established Correia Fishing Co to begin fishing in the then newly created, Shark Bay Prawn Fishery

We have been buying their prawns from the beginning, buying whole prawns and peeling by hand ourselves, this can sometimes be time consuming, but nothing is too much trouble when a product is so good and you want only the best. Besides, by doing it ourselves we can guarantee they have been processed overseas like so many ready peeled prawns from other suppliers.


We love these prawns so much we have featured them in many different ways in our menu and in specials.

Today we have on our menu

Stringy prawns with smoked chilli salt and chipotle mayo

Prawn & coriander spring rolls

Coconut crumbed prawns with chili plum sauce

Garlic prawns, bbq prawns, cajun pranwn, native lemon myrtle prawns, battered prawns and crumbed prawns