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another week, another set of rules….. these ones are a little more helpful!!


SO …..Inside I’m allowed 18 people, that includes people waiting for takeaway orders, therefore we are still limited in the number of people who can dine-in, still only two tables because of the 1.5m social distancing. We are making the large jarrah table and the smaller pine table both available for dine-in, the table on the right as you walk in, is for those waiting for pick-up orders.

The kids toys, books, blankets are still not available as we are trying to minimise the amount of contact and therefore risk of transmitting further spread. We have also taken the step of not providing water bottles for the table and cutlery boxes with condiments until the lifting of restrictions. Take away, degradable cutlery is currently in use, as a further measure we are asking that customers do not help themselves to glassware, but ask a staff member to get it for you.


It would also be very helpful if all customers could avail themselves of the sanitiser at the door prior to entering. all these little steps are in place so we can all take responsibility to stop the spread and hopefully eradication of this terrible disease.


I would also like to offer my heartfelt thanks to all those who have supported my business in these trying time, I hope you all haven’t been effected to badly either economically or health wise, and look forward to being here for you for a very long time.


Stay safe, take care.

Chris, Redfish