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So the story so far……..


20 people maximum per venue, but you have to allow 4m2 per person, not including staff. I am allowed 8 people to dine inside and 12 outside, with no more than 10 people per table, preferable from the same household. All dine in people have to give contact details in case of community transfer.  I cannot clear a table until all customers have left that table, then it must be cleared, cleaned and disinfected. No-one else can sit there until that process is completed.

If people want to wait inside while it is too cold outside they can if I have no-one dining in, or if people are dining in they must be at least 1.5m from them, and allow 4m2 per person and be no more than 8 people inside at the same time. 

All very confusing and about as clear as mud.


So therefore we are not going to have dine-in available Friday, Saturday or Sunday, I’m really sorry but that is just the way the rules effect us.