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Since opening Redfish 5 years ago we have always striven to bring you the freshest and best of our states seafood. There have been challenges along the way, one of the biggest has been to source prawns that we think are the best we can get. To this end we found Correia Brothers in Fremantle. They have their own boats based in Fremantle, that trawl the pristine waters of Shark Bay for scallops and prawns. They are not the only ones who trawl this area, but they are the ones we found who provide a superior product, free of harmful (or potentially harmful) preservatives.

We buy whole prawns, then peel ourselves, why, because I can then guarantee they have not be sent overseas to be processed. There are companies that do this as overseas labour is much cheaper, by not buying their product, which would save me both time and money, I can bring you a better product.

Redfish, a little bit different, a whole lot better